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Mixed pattern cupcake pack

Mixed pattern cupcake pack

Regular price $60.00 AUD
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The starting price for our cupcakes is $60.00
The (+.00 ) is the additional cost on top of the base price.
please select a number of cupcakes you would like filling in.
please select one filling flavour.
If you have selected "No Filling" in the previous selection please choose "none".
Please choose 1 option
Please select one colour. This product is a gradient and the colour will gradually darken
Select a color...
Rose (+$0.00) Dusty Pink (+$0.00) Candy (+$0.00) Med- Hot pink (+$0.00) Raspberry (+$0.00) Tangerine Orange (+$0.00) Peach (+$0.00) Lemon Yellow (+$0.00) Egg Yellow (+$0.00) Melon (+$0.00) Mango (+$0.00) Mauve (+$0.00) Lavender (+$0.00) Violet (+$0.00) Purple (+$0.00) Fuchsia (+$0.00) Sky Blue (+$0.00) Medium Blue (+$0.00) Royal Blue (+$0.00) Navy (+$0.00) Teal (+$0.00) Eucalyptus (+$0.00) Sea mist (+$0.00) Sage (+$0.00) Emerald (+$0.00) Green (+$0.00) Lime Green (+$0.00) Mint (+$0.00) Forest (+$0.00) Olive (+$0.00) White (+$0.00) Latte (+$0.00)


6 ,12, 24, 36, 48 , 60 , 72, 84, 96, 108 Cupcake pack 

Cupcakes are decorated with Swiss meringue buttercream ( Swiss meringue buttercream is heated to 65 °C ).

Cupcakes are decorated in multiple shades of a single . 
You can choose up to 5 extra fillings to add to the centre of your cupcakes. Please select the correct amount of cupcakes you choose to have filling in. Orders that don't specify the amount will not have filling added to them so please fill-out the order form as thoroughly as possible.

 This product requires a minimum of 3 days notice. This is subject to date availability  

Please note : 

While we take every effort to avoid cross-contamination between our products we are not a nut, dairy , gluten free kitchen. We cannot guarantee that our products will be free from traces of any such allergens. 

All cakes are hand made , colour and decoration variations may occur. 

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