Retro Heart Cake

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Retro Heart Cake

Going back in time with these retro cakes! Smooth buttercream cake in a heart shape decorated with hand piping, sprinkles & acrylic writing! 
This cake is 3 layers tall.

Please Note - Acrylic letters are not edible and need to be removed. 

Available in sizes : 

7” Heart x 5” tall – Feeds roughly 15 dessert portions –30 coffee tokens
9" Heart x 5” tall – Feeds roughly 25 dessert portions – 50 coffee tokens
10.5" Herat x 5" tall - Feeds roughly 32 dessert portions – 65 coffee tokens

For custom orders or larger cake sizes please fill out a quote form in our contact section of our website.

Please note: the number of portions given above, is only intended as a guide and based on the following dimensions:

Coffee Size: 1 inch x 1 inch x 5 inches
Dessert Size: 1 inch x 2 inches x 5 inches

Cake Cutting Tip: Ganache centre tends to stick to the knife when cutting your cake, making it difficult to get nice clean slices. To achieve clean cuts (and maximum number of serves), use a sharp (not serrated) knife, dipped in hot water and wiped dry before each cut!

Please note :

While we take every effort to avoid cross-contamination between our products we are not a nut, dairy , gluten free kitchen. We cannot guarantee that our products will be free from traces of any such allergens. 

All cakes are hand made , colour and decoration variations may occur. 

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